Friday, January 7, 2011


Euphorium has been featured by Crave Magazine ( Hong Kong) latest issue with other restaurants and the hotels in Sri Lanka.

The Perfect Gastro Getaway in Sri Lanka

香港のグルメ雑誌 craveにて、ユーフォリアムティーサロンが紹介されました。
「小さいけれど『当たり』」といわれて 嬉しい店主です♪


♡ Our Precious Customers ♡
Zeenaz (left) and her friend from Maldives, paradise islands!

Zeenaz's hotel in Male, Maldives
Beehive Nalahiya Hotel in Male, Maldives


Ayako said...

Congras! I think your shop is getting popular and businer day by day! I would bring some friends to your shop everytime I have guests from out of Sri lanka. I believe thay will be impressed with your tea as well as your hospitality!! PS: I love your Sweet Berries, drink everyday! my stock is running out soon, will visit your shop again soon! Ayako

緑ピイリス Midori Peiris said...

Thank you Ayako-san for your warm message! I'm happy to know that you liked Sweet Berries. It's very good for you especially while recovering from flu as the tea is made from Rosehip and has lots of Vitamin C.
Look forward to seeing you again soon!!