Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tea cups from Singapore

I am very sorry that I couldn't blog for a long time.

Firstly, my deepest condolences for the Japanese people affected by this quake and the tsunami.

I was also in Japan for International Food and Beverage Exhibition called FOODEX Japan to participate as a promoter for AFJones, tea company. I left Japan to Singapore on 10th, just one day before the earthquake hit.

Chinese Tea Cups
While I was strolling in China town in Singapore, I found these tiny glass tea cups and fell in love with them.
They are so small that each cups can barely contain 10ml, even smaller than normal Chinese tea cups which can hold no more than 30ml.
In Chinese Tea style, each cup has to be just large enough to hold about two small swallows of tea.

The cup is two-plied and heat resistance that can be held comfortably for drinking.
It is a special pleasure for tea drinkers to think and choose the best suitable tea for the cups when you first use the cups. I decided to enjoy Green Rose this time.
中国の茶器は小さくて本当に可愛い! いつも新しい茶器を買う時やおろす時に「どんなお茶が合うかしら...」とあれこれ悩むのも楽しいもの。考えた挙句、今回はグリーンローズにしましたが、大正解でした。

Sunday Times

An article on us by Smriti Daniel
Flavour the difference

FOODEX Japan 2011 at Makuhari Messe, Japan
March 1-4

Mr.& Mrs. Morita Coju (pvt)ltd
森田ご夫妻 コージュ株式会社

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kutty said...

カウンターの周り、少し変わったんですね。木の温かみがステキです。Sunday Timesの記事もいい記事ですね。お店の様子が懐かしく思い浮かんで来ました。これでまた忙しさが増しそう。がんばってね!

緑ピイリス Midori Peiris said...

kuttyさん ありがとうございます! Jonesブランドのお茶が加わって、最初大きいパネルを設置された時は正直「...」という気持ちもあったのですが、人って慣れる生き物ですね(私だけ?) 

Sara said...

Midori chan, Thanks for uploading the photo! I miss your yummy ice tea!

Hope all is well with you, will definitely drop by again when I'm back in CMB.

lots of love from downunder x


緑ピイリス Midori Peiris said...

Sara chan! I am so sorry that I missed your comment. Hope I haven't missed to see you in Colombo yet. Please come again for tea with your parents when you are in town! Look forward to seeing you in SL...!