Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Euphoric Tea Soda

A customer who loved my tea soda asked if she could make it at home.

I was so happy that she liked it and told her the recipe with some other variations as well.
Then her friend said " You shouldn't have given away your secret recipe so easily!"

I'd rather share the recipe because there's nothing exclusive nor top secrets about my tea soda...

I always believe and follow my instinct and most of the time( I think... )they are right.

And here I go again, I just mixed a few things what I like and the result was.... fantastic!

In fact, I love creating something magical from the most simple things like this tea soda.

Serendipity... that's what they called Sri Lanka, isn't it?

I know I keep coming up with new ideas and never run out of them.

I always imagine big and my salon is too small to keep them all to myself..

I love to see people at my salon enjoying my teas with their smiles.

I also feel the happiest when I imagine my customers also making teas for their somebody specials to make them smile.

It's so easy to make a good cuppa. All you have to do is to do it from your heart.

But tea can taste blissful when somebody else makes it that way for you.

Euphoric Tea Soda Recipe (serves for 3-4)

At my salon, I use Black Teas& Hibiscus& Rose hip teas and Passion fruit combination, but any flavour teas and juice are just as fine.

1. Make a thick tea with 2 teabags + 1cup boiled water. Keep it cool(at room temparature) for 10-15 mins.
2. Add sugar or syrup and stir well( make it sweeter than you think as when you add soda and juice, it will cut the tastes)
3. Then add 25cc of fruit Juice.
4. Finally add 25cc soda/non sugar and serve in a ice cube filled glass.

Please plus and minus the above recipe to create your own favorite tea soda.

There's no wrong or right way to enjoy tea...!

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