Monday, April 26, 2010

Sri Lanka - Best travel destination

Recently, Sri Lanka tops NY Times list as the best destination for 2010
The 31 Places to Go in 2010

I have been in Sri Lanka and am still surprised at its natural beauty everyday.

I stay five days in Colombo ( capital city) and go back to our family estate in Gampaha( 1.5hour drive from CMB ) on off days. For 2 days, I spend most of the time in the coconuts field with our dogs and cats. I'd eat fresh vegetable curries and deeply indulge myself in the local style.

At the estate, we also grow various vegetables, exotic fruits and spices.
I love hand-plucking them by myself. Passion Fruits, Peppers, Lemongrasses, Cinnamon and also coffee beans ( not tea, though ) and with them, I make fruit jams or dry and grind the spices into powder. Homemade spices always taste the best.

I especially enjoy picking Acerola. Stretching higher to reach the berries shining on tree branches in the morning feels really good.

Today’s berries yield was about 3kg. We had enough for ourselves and the rest we kept for wild birds who frequently visit our garden. I am now making comfiture with berries and entire house smells with its sweet and sour aroma...!

My plan for this Sunday evening is to have Mojito made with this syrup and lemon balms also from the garden...

There still are plenty of berries left on the tree...

My favorite time in jungle. 3more days to Poya, Full Moon night.

昨日は金曜日で、閉店後にガンパハにある実家に戻ってきました。コロンボから1時間半ほどの道のりですが、わが家は「ジャングルハウス」 と呼ばれているように、豊かな自然に囲まれた場所にあります。

つい先ごろ、NYタイムズでスリランカが「今年中に行くべき場所 No.1」に挙げられました。



aqua said...
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aqua said...

I absolutely agree...
If you haven't visited this country yet, when you do, you will be suprised by its abundance of Nature and its Beauty....