Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Green Rose, Green Jasmine and Green Paradise

euphorium tea salon offers a wide range of green tea as well. We have them in teabags, crystal sachet, or leafy tea with or without flavor
Our top seller is Green Rose, a special aromatic tea made of Sri Lankan green tea with Rose petals and flavor.
Green tea is naturally sweet and contains vitamins and antioxidant component.
We also have classic Green Jasmine, green tea with real Jasmine Flower buds. These flower tea look good and taste good as well.
We are soon going to have very tropical Green Paradise, green tea with exclusive blend of herbal infusion.
All teas are Sri Lankan Green tea, which is getting popular as it contains more Tea Catechin than any other regional teas. Tea catechin is known for various health benefits, such as reducing cholesterol, diet and etc.

A little technique to make Green Tea taste better:
* Do not use hot boiling water ( It over cooks delicate green tea leaves)
80°C (176°F) is the best temperature.
*Steep it for 5minuites, longer than Black tea.

Temperature plays a greater roll and with just a little patience, we can always enjoy a good cup of green tea with a balance of bitterness, sweetness, astringency, and aroma.

Iced Green Teas are also very refreshing as well!

3-4 leaves will do to make a cup.

バラの香りに心惹かれる女性は多いと思います。 日本でもバラの香りが漂うサプリメントが流行ったことがありますが、香りはまとうだけでなく、こうして体の中から取り入れることで、アロマテラピーの相乗効果が期待できるそうです。実際、こうして取り入れた香気成分は少しずつ体外に放出されているのだそうで、知らず知らずにバラの香りがする女性になっているかも...!?




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